Our Extensive Team

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Because each case is different, each requires a different resource team. Recognizing that, we develop a specialized team for each case. We focus on innovation and creativity to assemble expert resources based on the needs of the particular case. The success of our firm is directly related to the excellence of the lawyers, researchers, assistants, consultants, and other specialists we assemble. In their respective areas of specialty and expertise, the members of our resource team are nationally distinguished — but also independent and thoroughly accomplished. The experts and consultants for a particular case are chosen based on their true quality and suitability to the case. Our clients and their cases are too important for a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

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Art Consultation & Appraisal Investment Banking/ Technology Development Entertainment & Film Industry
Business & Finance Computer & Software Industries Aviation
Health Care Industry National & International Public Affairs Medical
Media & Government Relations Real Estate and Development Investigators
Photography Equity Valuation & Hedge Funds