Ronald P. Stone

Ronald P. Stone


The scope of Ronald P. Stone’s airline and corporate aviation experience is stunning. At the University of Tennessee, he majored in Air Transportation in the School of Business. Thereafter, he joined Trans World Airlines and was a Flight Engineer, Co-Pilot, and Captain for domestic and international flights for almost three decades. He piloted the Boeing 707, Lockheed L1011, Boeing 727, and McDonald Douglas MD80.

Following his experience as Captain of international flights throughout the world, Mr. Stone deepened his involvement with aviation:

  • He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a full-service FBO and charter management company in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Mr. Stone has direct experience in Part 121 and Part 135 operations and has served as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations.
  • He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of a Part 121 domestic scheduled airline, Lone Star/Aspen Mountain Airlines, and a private jet company, Aspen Executive Air.
  • He has held senior executive roles at Executive Jet Management, a Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets company, where he led the strategic customer service and organizational restructuring of the company.
  • Mr. Stone is a consultant to four organizations requiring extensive worldwide aviation analysis and strategic development.
  • He is a member of the National Business Aircraft Association.

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