Complex Commercial Litigation

Commercial Dispute Resolution Inside and Outside the Courtroom

The business litigation attorneys at our Wyoming law firm tackle a broad range of complex commercial disputes, tailoring each case to the needs and circumstances of the particular client. As dedicated trial lawyers, we are always prepared to take these cases to trial, however, many disputes are resolved outside of the courtroom through negotiation and subsequent drafting of commercial transactional documents.

We have excelled for our clients in the following forms of complex commercial litigation:

The satisfaction of representing clients for commercial dispute resolution – particularly those involving intellectual property – is derived from our firm’s ability to support and protect ingenuity and creativity. These qualities not only lead to emerging technologies that greatly benefit the general public, but they also drive intellectual accomplishment throughout our country. Aggressively assisting clients whose ideas and intellectual property have been misappropriated is a primary focus of the practice of Robert P. Schuster, P.C. To permit the theft of creativity is to reduce the potential for us all.

In every complex commercial litigation case, we leverage the talent of a broadly experienced pool of independent professionals, building the best and most appropriate team to fit the needs of the particular dispute. We strengthen our representation by turning to consultants whose expertise is directly relevant to the facts of a commercial client’s unique case. Our business litigation attorneys maintain consulting relationships with experts in business and finance, the entertainment and film businesses, computer and software industries, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, international and public affairs, and specialists in media and public affairs issues.

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