David M. Weishaar

David M. Weishaar

Computer & Software Industries

David M. Weishaar is an expert in the computer industry. He has had more than four decades of uniquely broad and accomplished experience — both from the technical side as well as high level executive experience.

Mr. Weishaar began his career as a semiconductor component engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Always retaining a firm interest and knowledge in the engineering and the technical side of the business, he soon assumed managerial roles at Digital in test engineering, production, manufacturing, and operations. He moved to serving as Vice President of Manufacturing at ZTEL, Inc. to Vice President of Manufacturing and then Chief Operating Officer at Sequoia Systems, Inc.

In 1987, Mr. Weishaar joined Sun Microsystems where he was Vice President of East Coast Operations and then Vice President of European Operations. While at Sun Microsystems he was credited with creating a highly leveraged outsourced manufacturing organization. Following his experience with Sun Microsystems, he joined Stratus Computer as Vice President of Worldwide Manufacturing and Customer Service, and Chief Quality Officer where his responsibilities included manufacturing operations in Dublin, Ireland, and Hardware and Software Service Operations in the United States, the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. He was also vice president of manufacturing for McData Corporation and a member of its executive team that successfully launched a $405 Million IPO in 2000.

Mr. Weishaar obtained his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He furthered his business studies at INSEAD School of Business in Fontainebleau, France.

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