David J. Swift

David J. Swift


David J. Swift is an acclaimed photographer. He studied filmmaking, journalism, and photography at Compton College and California State University, Long Beach. He served on the staff of the Jackson Hole News as a photographer and reporter and founded Atomic Digital, a full-service design, photography, marketing, and pre-press facility. He operates a full-time photography, imaging, and brand consulting firm in Jackson, Wyoming.

The quality of his photography is based in part on the range of his experience:

  • Types of photography. He is experienced with portraiture but also micro and macro formats, as represented by extreme close-ups of medical instruments as well as high angle mountain exposures. He can capture images with extreme telephoto techniques but also is skilled with fast motion photography.
  • Lighting. All ambient conditions as well as strobe and tungsten.
  • Imaging. Compositing, masking, high dynamic range imaging, network transfer, graphic design, and web development.
  • Video and New Media. Standard and high-definition video production and post-production, motion graphics, audio capture, and audio compression.
  • Software. Photoshop, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, WordPress, Amadeus, and others.

Mr. Swift is a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, and other publications, including The New York Times, Big Sky Journal, Sports Illustrated, Motorcyclist, Fortune, People, Teton Home, Luxury Living, and Jackson Hole Magazine. He photographed most of the best-selling book Cowboy High Style. He has written, directed, and produced many 30-second television commercials and has received producer credit for two award winning short films: Killpecker: Origins (a mountaineering satire) and Highway 22 Revisited (a documentary on the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson).

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