White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Crime Lawyers Who Defend Rights and Reputations

Few circumstances are as grave and consequential as being the target of a criminal investigation or the subject of a criminal indictment. Either can be paralyzing and ruinous events, leading to potential conviction, fines, imprisonment, and complete destruction of reputation. While all cases are important, few cases can have such drastic ramifications as criminal prosecutions. Even criminal investigations alone can be destructive, effectively impugning one’s character and crippling one’s reputation. It’s important to contact a white collar crime lawyer.

Whether in the investigative stage or after indictment, an aggressive, effective white collar criminal defense is mandatory. Strategic goals include actively engaging the investigation itself in order to demonstrate an absence of misconduct. But if the pre-indictment efforts do not resolve the case, then the response must be clear; engage the prosecution aggressively and skillfully to protect the client’s rights and freedom.

Experienced and Skilled in Criminal Defense

Bob Schuster began his legal career in the criminal law field – as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Natrona County, Wyoming – and he is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Schuster is recognized as a “Mountain States Super Lawyer” in White Collar Criminal Defense as well as for Business Litigation and Plaintiffs’ Personal Injury Litigation.

Our firm also has a skilled and experienced resource team for criminal defense cases, including John E. Ackerman, a criminal defense attorney who has a national and international reputation for excellence. He is the past President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, successfully defended Russell Means of murder charges arising from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and has served as lead counsel for defendants charged before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague, Netherlands.

Conducting Investigations and Fighting Indictments

Our resource team also includes investigators and researchers who can thoroughly examine the legal issues raised by the prosecution and who can effectively interview witnesses and marshal the facts. We have the expertise to conduct a sophisticated and thorough analysis of the financial transactions that may be the subject of the prosecution. Because white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions can become front page news, our firm also engages consultants with expertise in print and media relations.

Robert P. Schuster, P.C. approaches the defense of white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions with the seriousness of purpose that they deserve. When one’s very reputation and freedom are at stake, the skills of an effective trial lawyer team could not be more necessary.

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