What Is The Average slip-and-fall Settlement Amount in Wyoming?

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See the average slip-and-fall settlement amount in Wyoming. Learn if your case is worth more or less than average. Get a personalized consultation from the best slip-and-fall attorneys Wyoming.

What is the purpose of a slip-and-fall claim?

A slip-and-fall claim is meant to compensate the victim for their losses. If the victim sustains serious losses, they should receive compensation that reflects the damages suffered. When injuries are relatively minor, the victim should expect to be fully compensated for their injuries and damages. Settlement amounts vary – so what is the average?

What are the average slip-and-fall settlement amounts in Wyoming?

The average amount of slip-and-fall lawsuits Wyoming ranges from $10,000 to $75,000. Each settlement is determined based on the merits of the individual case and the losses the victim may claim under Wyoming law.

Slip-and-fall lawsuits can get complicated. Using a lawyer’s expertise can help you get the best settlement possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why don’t we know the exact amount?

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The settlement amount may be kept confidential when a slip-and-fall case settles out of court. The parties may reach an agreement, and the defendant may pay the plaintiff compensation without the dollar number ever becoming public record. Some cases are even settled before a formal legal claim starts. 

For these reasons, it’s hard to know the exact average for slip-and-fall settlement cases in Wyoming. Claims are purposefully resolved on a case-by-case basis. With most cases settling outside of trial and these amounts remaining private, it’s hard to know exactly what the average settlement is for a slip-and-fall claim.

You may hear about some of the biggest slip-and-fall settlements in Wyoming settling for millions of dollars. However, most settlements are not that large. 

  • The City of Scottsdale settled a slip-and-fall case for $32,000. The victim fell on a city sidewalk and chipped her tooth.
  • A construction worker fell from a stool while working on a renovation project. He received a $7.35 million settlement because of a lack of safe access to the area where the person was working.
  • A man fell on a damaged staircase and suffered severe head injuries. The lawsuit was settled for $3.7 million.
  • When a nurse fell at a grocery store, suffering severe injuries, a jury awarded her $1.4 million in damages, including pain and suffering compensation.

As you can see, slip-and-fall settlement amounts vary significantly. The cases that settle for large quantities are notable but are outliers. Most claims settle for much less. 

There is no minimum amount of damages that you must have to bring a slip-and-fall claim. The amount claimed may impact whether you bring your claim in a District Court or Circuit Court. But you have a right to claim your compensation for financial loss due to a personal injury and other damages – whatever they might be. 

Our attorneys know how important it is to get fair compensation for a slip-and-fall claim. We are proud to represent you whatever the value of your case, and we work to maximize your compensation.

Consultation for slip-and-fall claims in Wyoming

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Our slip-and-fall lawyers Wyoming offer free consultations. We have a history of obtaining top settlements for injury claims. At your consultation, you can:

  • Learn what your case may be worth
  • Know what to do after a slip-and-fall accident
  • Explore the laws and how they may impact the amount you receive
  • See what’s involved in receiving compensation
  • Understand what factors may impact the amount of your settlement
  • Discover what you can do to work towards the maximum possible compensation
  • Get to know our legal team and how we can help you pursue justice

Don’t assume it’s not worth it if your injuries are mild or moderate. You deserve fair compensation for injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and more. Also, with pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages available, your case may be worth more than you expect. Our attorneys can give you a personalized evaluation of what your case may be worth and why. 

How do slip-and-fall settlements in Wyoming compare to other states?

slip-and-fall settlements in Wyoming are similar to neighboring states. Most states surrounding Wyoming use modified comparative negligence to determine slip-and-fall compensation. However, South Dakota’s unique system compares slight and gross negligence in shared fault cases. 

California uses pure comparative negligence. Their system may allow more victims to receive compensation but lowers the average amount significantly. Few states still use unforgiving contributory negligence laws. Where contributory negligence is in place, average settlements for slip-and-falls are likely to be higher – but fewer victims can receive compensation.

Make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our slip-and-fall attorneys for a consultation about your case.

Comparative negligence rules are just one factor that may impact statewide averages. Different statutes of limitations may also play a role. A longer statute of limitations may allow more people to bring their claims but may also lower the total amount if older cases are more challenging to prove.

Wyoming has strong slip-and-fall laws protecting victims’ rights to claim compensation. Various laws and legal procedures may make state average settlements more or less than in other states. These different outcomes more likely have to do with these legal and procedural differences than with the strengths of the individual claims.

Will my slip-and-fall settlement be more or less than average?

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The amount of damages that a slip-and-fall victim may receive in a settlement depends on several factors:

  • The extent of medical care required and the cost of care
  • Timeframe for healing and recovery
  • Whether injuries are disfiguring or scaring
  • Pain and suffering associated with the injuries
  • Other damages that may be claimed by the victim, including lost wages and property damage
  • Laws that apply to the individual claim
  • If there is a shared fault and how it is apportioned between the parties
  • Qualifying for punitive damages in cases of extreme misconduct by the defendant
  • Existence of insurance policies and the ability of the defendant to pay a claim

Your case may be average – it might be more, and it might be less than average. Every slip-and-fall victim deserves fair compensation for their injuries.

Whatever your slip-and-fall injuries, our attorneys want you to get the compensation you deserve. We’ve been honored for our commitment to our clients. Let us fight for your rights – and justice for you.

Consultation for slip-and-fall claims in Wyoming

Are you looking for the best, most experienced attorney for your slip-and-fall or accident claim? We invite you to have a consultation with our attorneys. Learn about your case. See how we can help you get justice. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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