5 Tips For Finding the Best Experienced Wyoming Hit-and-Run Attorney

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Hit-and-run victims need the best car accident attorney in Wyoming to represent them. That attorney must be experienced and ready to take on the unique challenges of the claim.

How do you find the best hit-and-run attorney? Here’s what you need to know.

5 tips for finding the best hit-and-run attorney

Here are five things your Wyoming car accident lawyer should have experience with so you know you’ve found the best accident lawyer for your Wyoming wrongful death or hit-and-run case.

1. Knowledge of Wyoming Courts

Hit-and-run claims are usually pursued under state law. State of Wyoming injury law determines what compensation you receive. Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure define the court process and how the plaintiff pursues the case. There are significant differences from state to state, so it’s crucial for your attorney to know the various laws and procedures. Knowledge of the law allows your attorney to pursue your rights thoroughly. They avoid mistakes and ensure that the other party follows the same guidelines.

Your attorney should be able to speak generally about Wyoming hit-and-run laws. After all, you’re relying on them for their expertise as your representative. They should be able to explain how the law applies to your case. There may be unique issues that require in-depth research. However, they should know the basics of the law.

2. Civil and Criminal Differences

A hit-and-run case may be criminal or civil. A driver who fails to stop at the scene of an accident may be criminally charged. If convicted, penalties may be imposed by a court, including fines, jail time, and restitution. The prosecutor decides whether to file criminal charges. If charges are filed, the prosecutor pursues them on behalf of the people.

However, a hit-and-run can also be a civil claim. A victim doesn’t have to convince a prosecutor to file charges. They may file a claim in their own name. It’s a civil claim, so the victim doesn’t accuse the defense of a criminal offense. Jail is not a possibility. The victim brings a claim to show that they are a victim of a civil wrong committed by the defendant. They demand compensation.

The best and most experienced hit-and-run attorneys will understand these differences. They will know that a criminal claim is possible and represent their client effectively whether or not a prosecutor files a criminal case.

There are significant differences between the two types of cases. Whether or not a criminal case impacts how your attorney should pursue the civil case. To find the best attorney, ask about the differences between civil and criminal hit-and-run cases. An experienced attorney should be able to speak to the differences between the two types of cases and how to pursue your claim best.

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3. Courtroom and Settlement Experience

Many attorneys want to settle cases quickly. It may be their goal to get a quick settlement and move on to the next case. The best attorney isn’t afraid to go to trial.

There may be many reasons that a case is suitable for trial. The other side may not be willing to settle the case for a reasonable amount. An experienced hit-and-run attorney should be familiar with the rules of courtroom procedure and evidence to present your case at trial when necessary.

At the same time, an attorney should be able to pursue settlement negotiations effectively. Getting a fair settlement isn’t an accident – it results from careful case preparation and effective discussions with the other side. An attorney should be ready to pursue a settlement when it’s appropriate. Plus, they should be able to guide you through evaluating settlement offers and determining when it’s best to accept a settlement offer or take the case to trial.

When you meet with an attorney, ask them about their trial history and success in reaching settlements. The best attorney will have a balanced history of resolving cases in both ways.

4. Case Results

The best attorney doesn’t just have experience – they get results. Results are a measure of the skill of an attorney. When you talk to an attorney, they should be able to tell you generally about their experience as a practitioner. An experienced attorney knows what factors make a case successful and what to avoid.

Previous case results are never a guarantee of results in your case. However, a track record of success can give you the confidence to know that your case is in good hands.

5. Case Management

Case management is how your attorney handles the day-to-day aspects of pursuing your case. The best attorney for you is the one that is going to manage your case in a way that works for you. 

  • Communication – First, they should communicate with you in a way that works for you. Whether by phone, email, or office visits, your attorney will likely communicate with you in many ways throughout your case. As you speak with them at your consultation, be sure you like their communication style. You should be comfortable with how they plan to work with you throughout the case.
  • Resources – In addition to communication, the best attorney has the resources to handle your case. They need various support including investigative, crash reconstruction, financial analysts, medical experts, legal research, and case presentation. They should work with a team of professionals who can pool their legal knowledge on your behalf. 
  • Clear Fees – They should offer clear fees for services with a written fee agreement in all cases. With the proper case management, you can be sure that you have the best, most experienced attorney to handle your case from start to finish.

Consultation for Hit-and-Run Claims in Wyoming

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