Oil & Gas Accidents

An Oil and Gas Attorney Set on Preventing Tragic Injuries

Oil and gas workers are more than seven times more likely to be killed on the job compared to the average worker. All too often, the cause of the gas pipeline, oil rig, or transportation tragedy is completely avoidable. To make matters worse, the oil or gas company responsible for this inexcusable negligence often rushes to protect itself rather than address the inevitability of similar incidents. When these companies fail to put their workers first, Bob Schuster and his team fiercely represent victims and their families to not only mitigate their irreparable damages, but to also ensure that another family will not have to experience the same tragedy.

Insufficient Worker Safety and Defective Equipment

As oil and gas drilling continues to rapidly expand in the United States, companies have a vital responsibility to hire capable workers, properly train them, and equip them with the latest safety gear and protocols. When oil and gas companies prioritize demand for production over caution for human life, the dangerous results are typically overworked or undertrained employees, defective or misused equipment, and exposure to harmful environmental conditions – or worse – explosions.

Robert P. Schuster, P.C. is an accomplished workplace injury law firm that conducts extensive investigations into the physical and cultural factors surrounding on-the-job oil and gas incidents. These liabilities are often endemic within the workplace, and our goals are to hold the company accountable to our clients while also identifying its missteps so that they can be avoided in the future.

Widespread Oil and Gas Transportation Tragedies

While the number of oil and gas drilling fatalities has increased as companies hire more inexperienced workers, transportation incidents are still the leading cause of death in the oil and gas industry. A motor vehicle safety program is essential for any oil or gas company that puts its workers on the roads – particularly one that affords drivers the rest they need to be in full control of their large trucks and tractor trailers. Sadly, these oil and gas truck crashes frequently involve the fatalities of other travelers after the company vehicle collides with theirs.

Oil and gas transportation crashes are not limited to the road either – they are increasingly occurring on railroads across the country. From 2008 to 2014, the amount of crude oil transported by train in the United States surged by more than 5,000 percent to accommodate the boosted production from new oil fields in states like Wyoming, Colorado, and North Dakota. This trend has been accompanied by an influx of oil-related train incidents, as many of the tank cars were designed in the middle of the last century and are not properly equipped to handle flammable materials. In their hurry to meet production demand, the oil and railroad industries have also been slow to implement the necessary safety measures for transporting crude oil, such as stricter inspections and slower speed limits when traveling through densely populated areas.

When a company's safety protocols and transportation infrastructure have proven inadequate in oil and gas accidents, Robert P. Schuster, P.C. has successfully represented both the workers and bystanders involved.

Rampant Neglect in Oil and Gas Pipeline Explosions

More than 300,000 miles of interstate and intrastate oil and gas pipelines traverse the nation, sometimes buried beneath ground in vast and vacant areas of the countryside. But too often they are buried beneath homes, schools, businesses, and heavily-traveled roadways. It is an ancient and crumbling system, with most of the pipelines being more than 70 years old. The U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration cites more than 200 “Significant Pipeline Incidents” every year. These oil and natural gas tragedies include fatalities, serious injuries, explosions, and environmental contamination. Because the natural gas industry is not required to replace this aging infrastructure, more incidents will occur. It is only a matter of when and where.

Bob Schuster has more experience representing victims of natural gas and oil pipeline explosions than any other oil and gas attorney in the United States. His accomplishments are not only recognized by the families of those who have been killed and maimed, but also by the pipeline companies themselves. Schuster was the only plaintiff’s attorney in the nation who was invited to the International Pipeline Conference convened in Calgary, Canada, in the fall of 2010. Representatives of the pipeline industry throughout the world were present in Calgary, including major international companies from the United States, Canada, the European Union, China, and elsewhere. His lecture to the pipeline companies was clear and direct: Your practices must change and pipelines must be made safe. The deaths must stop.

If you have been impacted by a recent oil field incident, gas pipeline explosion, or a related transportation incident, contact Robert P. Schuster, P.C. to find out how we can help with your case.