Woman Killed, Four Injured In Texas Crash

Loaded broken car on a tow truck after crash

A woman was killed and four people were injured on August 22, 2016, when a tractor-trailer carrying a load of the propellant devices that inflate auto airbags crashed and exploded near the Quemado, Texas town on the Mexican border. The devices were manufactured by Takata, which has been forced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall approximately 75 million of the defective airbag inflator devices. Takata has announced that it will investigate the explosion, but the company has previously been fined more than $200 million for failing to completely and accurately disclose information about defects in the inflator devices. This is one of many commercial truck tragedies on the country’s highways that cause injury and death almost daily. Far too frequently, major corporations fail to investigate and report the occurrence and causes of these events.

People who have been injured in trucking crashes have a right to recover damages against negligent companies, including medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. If the company’s misconduct is serious, the person injured may have a right to recover punitive damages. Likewise, family members have a right to recover damages when a someone dies in an incident of this nature and spouses of those injured or killed can also have a right to recover damages for loss of consortium, care, comfort, and society.

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