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Michael Hoover

Michael Hoover is one of the most highly honored members of the film industry. He attended Occidental College, Duke University, and Harvard College. But he soon realized his passion was for filmmaking, capturing events and stories that required exposure to extreme physical exertion and danger and capturing events and stories in wartime where others were also exposed to danger and violence. He films at that extreme edge.

  • His filming of events is participatory. He filmed — but also climbed — an ascent of Mt.Everest, Trikora Mountain in New Guinea, and the North Face of the Eiger (for climbing scenes in the Eiger Sanction with Clint Eastwood).
  • He has trekked to both the North and South Poles, has skied across Greenland, accomplished first ascents in Mali-Africa, traveled to the Amazon for IMAX, and led three expeditions to Antartica.
  • He covered the war in Afghanistan for CBS News from 1982 to 1989 and again from 1998 to 2003.
  • He is currently involved with several development series: Afghanistan: The Last Fun War (with Dan Rather for HBO), Bluewater Hunters (a development series with National Geographic), and Survival of the Fittest (in production for Fox and National Geographic Channel).

A member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences and the Directors Guild of America, Mr. Hoover received an Academy Award for his documentary “Up.” He has been nominated three times for an Academy Award and has received fourteen Emmy Awards for documentaries (including three for hard news), eleven Golden Eagle documentary awards, and the SPJ News Award for best television spot news coverage. Together with Dan Rather, Hoover was the winner of the Columbia-DuPont Journalism Award.

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