Wyoming Birth Injury Lawyers

A birth injury is an unexpected, tragic, and life-changing event. Some birth injuries are caused by the negligence of doctors or nurses and you may have legal rights resulting from such injuries. You will need an experienced birth injury attorney to help you understand your options and to pursue your rights.

At Robert P. Schuster P.C., Attorneys at Law, we’re here to help. Although we are based in Jackson, Wyoming, we have represented families throughout the country who have suffered the tragedy of birth injuries. We’re here to help you understand and exercise your legal rights.

Birth Injury Attorneys---Based in Wyoming, Working Nationwide

Bob Schuster and our entire legal team believe that our medical-legal expertise and continuous client communication allows us to provide the best available legal guidance. If you have suffered an unexpected birth outcome, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can help. No one will be more committed to getting the legal help needed when an unexpected injury tragically occurs.

How Are Money Damages Awarded for a Birth Injury?

Birth injuries can cause a lifetime of extreme financial hardship. Although money is never a substitute for a healthy, happy, child, the legal process can provide financial compensation if a birth injury is caused by medical negligence. Negligence does not mean intentional wrongdoing---it means that a health care provider made an error that a professional in his or her position should not have made. It may also mean that a piece of medical equipment failed to function properly.

Often, the cause of a birth injury is not immediately known. We investigate thoroughly to find the answers. Far too often, health care providers are not forthcoming when it comes to acknowledging mistakes. We contact independent medical experts to review the medical evidence and we use the legal process to obtain records and statements from those who will not cooperate.

When necessary, we file claims in courts around the country. We pursue claims through the legal process, which includes gathering evidence, making proper legal filings, negotiating a resolution where possible, and presenting jury trials where fair settlement is not possible.

Most cases resolve without going to trial, but we’re always prepared to present your case to a jury when that is the only way a fair result can be reached. Our goal is to work with you to make the best decisions for you and your child.

Should I Hire a Birth Injury Attorney?

A birth injury can leave you feeling angry and uncertain. Our experienced attorneys can help sort out anger and understand medical errors with the goal of helping you reach the best possible result for your specific circumstances.

Our experience helps to maximize compensation by claiming all types of damages to which you may be entitled.

How Much Compensation Is Available?

Our potential clients are often surprised to learn that the value of claims is much greater that expected. Compensation can include past and future medical bills as well as lifetime expenses involved in caring for severely injured children.

Most states do not limit money damages for birth injury claims, but some states do. Most states allow additional amounts for pain and suffering and emotional distress. We will make claim the for full value of all damages that that the law allows.

What About Attorney’s Fees and Costs of a Lawsuit?

Our goal is to help you. Our fee agreements are simple and easy to understand. We charge a contingency fee, which means that there is no charge in advance for our legal services and we collect our fee from the amount we recover for your claim. We will advance the costs needed to properly handle your case, to the maximum extent the law allows. We’re confident you’ll find that you can’t afford not to work with our birth injury attorneys.

We have big-city skills and mountain-town manners. Please call us at (307) 732-7800 and let us show you what sets us apart.