Truck Crashes

Truck Crash Attorney

More than 5,000 men, women, and children die each year in collisions involving large trucks.  The causes can be multiple: violation of regulations to control hours of operation, driver fatigue, drug and alcohol abuse, weight violations, cell phone usage, and/or blatant incompetence. Whatever the case may be: it is important to get advice from a truck accident attorney about the matter.

Of the deaths caused by this scourge, 85% of them were not of the truck occupants:

  • The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that up to 40% of collisions involving large trucks may be the result of driver fatigue.
  • Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that truck drivers behind the wheel for more than 8 hours have a two-fold increase in collision risk.  In an Institute survey taken in 2005, one-in-five truckers (21%) reported falling asleep at the wheel at least once during the previous month.
  • Federal officials have uncovered commercial truck licensing fraud in the majority of states in the nation.  The consequence is that thousands of unskilled, untrained are on the nation’s highways.
  • Transportation experts estimate that up to 30% of all commercial trucks on the highways exceed allowable weight limits.  15% of fatal truck accidents involve trucks carrying loads that violate weight restrictions.

Bob Schuster has represented victims of these tragedies for decades.

It is only through aggressive prosecution of trucking cases that justice can be obtained for the victims of these collisions and their surviving family members. But it is also only through vigorous and effective prosecution that the industry will be required to finally adopt safety practices to reduce these needless tragedies.