Defective Products

Defective Product Lawyer

Our nation is the world leader in developing new technologies and a leading manufacturer of products used throughout the world. A vibrant commercial arena supports our communities and our nation’s economic strength.  All these aspects of our country’s commercial life should be encouraged, but manufacturers must also produce products that are not safe.

As a defective product lawyer, Mr. Schuster has represented victims of defective and unsafe products for more than three decades, whether against pharmaceutical companies, auto manufacturers, helicopter manufacturers, airliner manufacturers, carbon monoxide detector manufacturers, or others.

In one case, Mr. Schuster represented a little boy and his family against  Squibb Pharmaceuticals. The boy's mother had taken a pill sold by the manufacturer to determine if she was pregnant. The hormonal pregnancy test had been marketed as a safe method for determining if a woman was pregnant. But the company had failed to warn of the risk of birth deformities to the unborn child. It was designed to be taken in the early stages of pregnancy, at the very time that the fetus was beginning to develop arms and legs in utero. The child was born with severe limb deformities. The case was settled for a confidential amount after two weeks of trial.