Oklahoma Oilfield Injury Lawyers

Oklahoma Oil and gas are perhaps our greatest natural resources. In the rush to harvest oil and gas, safety and training are often overlooked. The results can be catastrophic.

Have you been hurt in an oilfield accident? You may be wondering how to pay for your medical bills and care for your family. You may be suffering because you can no longer participate in activities that you used to enjoy. An exceptional oilfield injury lawyer can help ensure you understand all options available for you to get the compensation you need to recover fully.

Our Oklahoma Oilfield Attorneys Represent Accident Victims

At Robert P. Schuster, P.C., we’re Oklahoma’s leading oilfield injury accident law firm. We pride ourselves on being the foremost leader in helping deserving oilfield accident victims get the help that they need. Our Oklahoma oilfield attorneys can help you evaluate your case and determine the best steps. From making informal accident reports to the right authorities to aggressively pursuing your legal strategy in the courtroom, we’re ready to fight for justice for you.Our attorneys for Oklahoma oilfield injury accidents help you determine fault

Oilfield injuries too often occur because of carelessness. Injuries can happen because someone doesn’t take the appropriate steps to keep you safe. The oilfield owner, your employer, subcontractors, coworkers, and even visitors all have an obligation to prioritize safety. Some of the ways that we have seen people hurt are:


  • A lack of training for employees
  • Too little supervision for employees
  • Not enough rest in between shifts
  • A failure to check equipment or otherwise maintain it appropriately
  • Failure to provide the right equipment for work
  • Not enough safeguards to ensure that work is done in a careful manner
  • Negligent hiring
  • Prioritizing fast work over cautious work
  • Failing to take corrective action when there’s a known danger
  • Manufacturing defects and design defects that lead to working with inadequate equipment

Injury rates on oilfields are high. Everyone who works on an oilfield has an obligation to work carefully for the safety of others. When someone doesn’t work carefully, an accident may occur. If an injury occurs because someone else is careless, you as the victim have a right to recover for your injuries.

How Our Oilfield Attorneys in Oklahoma Help You Recover

Recovery for your injuries after an accident isn’t automatic. You’ve got to take the right steps to assert your claim. There are strict time limits that apply to your claim. It’s important to know where to file your claim and what you need to do to put the right people and organizations on notice that you’re requesting compensation for your losses.

Getting a fair recovery after an oilfield injury isn’t just a matter of filing a claim before the deadline. How you file the claim and what you say in your claim can make a big difference when it comes to getting the recovery that you deserve. That’s where a skilled oilfield accident attorney in Oklahoma can help. We have decades of experience that we can put to work for you to ensure that you get what you deserve through the claims process.

Beginning with the immediate aftermath of the accident all the way through the final hearing in your case, our experienced legal team is ready to do everything that we can to handle your claim in the best way. We begin with examining what we can do immediately to preserve evidence. From contacting witnesses to inspecting the accident scene to demanding the preservation of vital evidence, when you hire Robert P. Schuster, P.C., to represent you, we go to work right away.

Our team investigates to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We work with you so that you understand how Oklahoma law applies to your case. Examining all of the evidence, we prepare a legal strategy. Then, we work diligently and methodically to bring your claim.

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We believe that great legal representation takes three things: skill, experience, and determination. Our team prides itself on being aleading authority for oilfield injuries that occur in Oklahoma. We work diligently to master laws, case law, and court procedure so that we can apply it to your advantage. And with decades of experience under our belts, we know what steps to take to maximize your claim and minimize the strain of the legal process. Finally, our team is determined and diligent. We don’t rest until you have the compensation that you deserve.

Are you wondering what to do after an oilfield injury? Do you need financial compensation? Do you want to do everything that you can to get the best possible result? Call Robert P. Schuster, P.C. immediately. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your case.