North Dakota Oilfield Injury Lawyers

As the oil boom comes to North Dakota, oilfield injuries have made their way to the state, too. Even when you take every precaution, the oil and gas industry can be a dangerous line of work. If you’re hurt in an accident while you work on an oilfield, a North Dakota oilfield injury attorney can help.

If you think about it, many accidents aren’t accidental. Often, someone could have been more careful in a way that could have prevented an injury. Inadequate equipment, training or supervision can all result in injuries. Even poor equipment design or mistakes in the equipment manufacturing process can result in devastating injuries.

Oilfield Injury Attorneys in North Dakota

Each state has its own rules for how to claim compensation after an injury. It’s important to work with an experienced North Dakota oilfield attorney to assert your claim correctly under North Dakota law. There are state-specific rules for how to make a report of your injury and when to file your claim.

There are rules for how to present your case in court and what you can do to build a convincing case. In North Dakota, a third-party negligence claim may be best to recover the widest range of damages. We can help you determine the best course of action whether it’s to file a workers' compensation claim or a third-party negligence claim in a North Dakota state court.

Our North Dakota oilfield lawyers are the leading oilfield injury attorneys in the state. We know what it takes to build a substantial claim under North Dakota law. We apply our knowledge to each case to help you avoid mistakes that can occur if you don’t understand the nuances of North Dakota law. As we work, we keep an eye towards maximizing your claim and pursuing it in the best possible way under all the circumstances.

Pursuing Your Claim With Our Oilfield Injury Attorneys - North Dakota Team

After an oilfield accident, you know that you’re hurt. But you may not know the extent of your injuries or how they occurred. You may have broken bones. There may be soft tissue damages that you need to verify and document by consulting with a medical professional. Burns can be another common problem in oilfield accidents. A traumatic brain injury can cause short-term and long-term concerns. It’s essential to determine the true extent of your injuries to value your claim fully.

oil-storage-tanks-north-dakota.JPGWhen we represent you, our skilled legal team carefully and meticulously builds your claim. In addition to helping you build the medical evidence in your claim, we take steps to gather the physical evidence from the scene and crucial witness testimony that can corroborate the medical evidence. When we represent a client, we handle all contact with witnesses, the other parties, and any insurance companies that are involved in the claim. Our team prepares your court documents, files court motions, and responds to legal actions from the other side.

Legal skill, experience, and determination are what our team brings to every case. We’re passionate about the help that we provide our clients. When you’re hurt, you can depend on us to have an accomplished legal team by your side. We take pride in serving our clients with experienced advocacy under North Dakota law so that you can reach the best possible result.

The Big City North Dakota Oilfield Lawyers With the Small-Town Feel

If you’re hurt in an oilfield accident, we invite you to come experience the difference of our team. Your case is complex. We believe we’re the most skilled and experienced to tackle the nuances of your case.

Providing great legal representation isn’t just about preparing paperwork and calling witnesses. Great lawyers work as a team with their clients. We help you understand the legal proceedings. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident with the process. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions as we work together. When you call us, we’re here. Let us show you how our personal touch ultimately leads to a better result for you after an oilfield accident.

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Have you been hurt in the oilfield? Contact a North Dakota oilfield lawyer today. Let us explain the law and answer your questions. We can help you understand your case and create a plan to get you the recovery that you deserve. Contact us today to begin.