8 Common Oil Field Injuries You Need to Know


If you get hurt in an oil field accident you need experienced oil field injury lawyers that know how to fight for your compensation based on personal injury and workers compensation laws. Here are 8 common oil field injuries that oil field workers should know about:

Heavy Equipment Malfunction

Heavy equipment is used in the oil field. This equipment can be complex and eventually wear over time. Improper training of employees and poor maintenance can lead to operational mistakes or equipment malfunctions that result in oil field injuries.


Fires are extremely hazardous in an oil field. Open flames, heat, and flammable substances can all contribute to fires that can cause severe burns. Injuries from oil field fires can take a great deal of time to heal, as well as being painful and physically disfiguring.


Failure to regularly inspect and clean pipelines and tanks can contribute to explosions that can cause devastating injuries. Recovery from broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and burns may be long and difficult,, and require significant medical treatment.

Well Blowouts

Well blowouts occur when crude oil or natural gas comes out unintentionally or in an uncontrolled way.Oil and gas are released too quickly or too much at a time, which can lead fires and explosions.

Hydraulic Fracking Accidents

Hydraulic fracturing accidents can occur when high-pressure fluid is injected into rock to create crevices and cracks. Explosions and fires can result from fracking mistakes.

Car and Truck Accidents

Oil and gas workers use heavy-duty trucks and vehicles to move workers, materials, and equipment. Accidents happen with cars and trucks.

Falling Objects

Oil field workers move and lift heavy objects. Unsecured objects can fall and cause devastating injuries. Even falling debris from moving earth or materials can be a significant danger to oil and gas workers.

Chemical Exposure

Oil and gas workers encounter various chemicals, sometimes in confined spaces. Even when precautions are taken, unanticipated exposure can cause serious harm.

Help After an Oil Field Accident

If you’re hurt in an accident in an oil field, you may be entitled to compensation. You must take the right steps to make your claim, and time frames are often short. The sooner you work with an attorney for oil and gas injuries, the better is your chance for compensation. Your attorney can help you document your injuries, prepare your claim for compensation, and pursue it to the full extent of the law.

Th attorneys at Robert P. Schuster, P.C. are experts when it comes to oil field injuries. If you’ve experienced an injury while working in the oil and gas industry, contact our offices today to see if you can bring a negligence claim for damages. We’ll make sure you take all the necessary steps after an oil field accident to get the compensation you deserve.

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