Federal Jury Awards More Than $1 Billion in Case Involving Artificial Hips

A federal jury in Dallas has entered a verdict of $1.04 billion dollars against the giant pharmaceutical corporation, Johnson & Johnson, in favor of six patients with artificial hips that were manufactured by a subsidiary of the corporation. The patients claimed in their lawsuit that the subsidiary, DePuy, hid defects in the artificial hips that caused tissue death and erosion of the bone surrounding the implants. The defects resulted in the need for the hips to be surgically removed and replaced. The jury found that officials at the company knew the devices were defective, but failed to properly warn doctors and patients about the risk they would fail. Corporate concealment of known dangers in profitable products and services is a continuing and growing problem that puts the public at risk.

There are nearly 9,000 lawsuits currently pending concerning the artificial hips. Johnson & Johnson has announced that it plans to appeal the ruling.

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