Federal Judge Emphasizes Jury's Role in Punishing Corporate Misconduct

A federal judge in Georgia has made a strong statement supporting the role of citizen jurors in punishing corporations for reckless misconduct that injures consumers. In a case brought against corporate giant Johnson & Johnson for selling a defective medical device that caused a woman to suffer years of recurring infections and abscesses, a federal court jury awarded money damages to compensate the victim but also awarded $4M in punitive damages to punish the corporation for continuing to sell the product despite being aware of its defects. In rejecting Johnson & Johnson’s post-trial motion to vacate the jury’s punitive damage award, the judge wrote:

"After the jury is dismissed thinking that justice has been done, losing lawyers — well trained in dissecting every comma and spinning every word — mine the written transcript to weave a different story, one that suits their purposes but is often very different than what was actually experienced by that fact-finding jury.” These words demonstrate how important jury trials are in protecting the rights of individual citizens against well-funded corporate wrongdoing. It also shows how critical it is that judges who will respect and protect individual rights be appointed throughout the country.

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