A 30 inch natural gas pipeline exploded on July 20, 2011 in northeast Wyoming. The pipeline is owned by TransCanada Corporation. The explosion occurred about 20 miles west of Gillette, Wyoming, in an unpopulated area. No injuries were reported but the incident involved a section of pipeline 60 feet in length.

According to a news report in the Casper Star-Tribune of August 16, 2011, the company was taking the position that it did not know the cause of the rupture even though almost a month had elapsed since the occurrence.

The pipeline—known as the Bison Pipeline—is contracted to run 407 million cubic feet of gas per day but the flow has been reduced to 240 mcf since the explosion. The pipeline is a 302 mile long pipeline running from the Powder River basin in Wyoming to North Dakota where it joins the Northern Border Pipeline to deliver gas to customers in the Midwest.