Mother Injured, Daughter Killed in Truck Collision

Bob Schuster represented the families who were devastated by a truck collision in Paducah, Kentucky. A mother and daughter were driving to a local restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day when they were struck in an intersection by a Mack Truck. The daughter was killed, leaving two small children and her husband. The mother was seriously injured but survived.

The mother and daughter were driving in the daughter’s Jeep and---having the green light---turned onto a highway on their way to the restaurant. The driver of the truck---owned by Jim Smith Contracting, a local highway construction firm---was speeding, failed to stop for the red light, and crashed into the Jeep in the middle of the intersection. Drug tests revealed elevated readings.

The Mack Truck was filled with asphalt and the driver was en route to the construction zone. The weather was clear and visibility was not obstructed.

The case settled before trial for a confidential amount but what was believed to be the largest settlement in a trucking case in that part of Kentucky. Michael Moore, a local Paducah trial lawyer, was co-counsel with Mr. Schuster in the case.