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Texas Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Wrongful Death Case Against Oilfield Drilling Contractor

Mar 2017 13

The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that may have important consequences for oilfield workers. A drilling contractor working at a remote location refused to put a bunkhouse on its drill site so that its crews could rest on site. Instead,…

Ohio Federal Jury Awards $10.5 Million in Punitive Damages Against Dupont

Jan 2017 05

An Ohio federal jury has awarded $10.5 million in punitive damages in a case involving cancer caused by dumping chemicals into the Ohio River. An Ohio man brought suit against chemical giant, DuPont, showing that, for decades, the company had dumped an…

Trial Judge Reduces Jury’s Punitive Damages Award

Jan 2017 05

The federal judge who presided over trial against Johnson & Johnson has now reduced the $1 billion punitive damage award by nearly one-half, to approximately $510 million.

Oregon Supreme Court rules witness to injury or death of family member can bring suit

Dec 2016 31

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that a person who witnesses injury to or death of a family member caused by the negligence of another may bring suit to recover money damages for serious emotional distress caused by the event.

$21 Million Judgment in Pipeline Explosion Being Appealed

Dec 2016 07

A man working at a Texas oil storage facility was killed and several of his co-workers were seriously injured when a pipeline on which they were working exploded because the storage company that owned the pipeline had not cleared the line of dangerous…

Federal Jury Awards More Than $1 Billion in Case Involving Artificial Hips

Dec 2016 05

A federal jury in Dallas has entered a verdict of $1.04 billion dollars against the giant pharmaceutical corporation, Johnson & Johnson, in favor of six patients with artificial hips that were manufactured by a subsidiary of the corporation.

Be Aware of "Arbitration Agreements"

Nov 2016 02

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a Kentucky case to decide whether an "arbitration agreement" in a nursing home contract can be used to prevent a resident or a resident’s survivors from suing the nursing home for negligence that causes injury…

Jury Finds That Talcum Powder Causes Cancer

Nov 2016 01

Juries in three recent Missouri cases have awarded verdicts totaling $200 million to women who alleged that Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder caused them to suffer ovarian cancer.

Federal Judge Emphasizes Jury's Role in Punishing Corporate Misconduct

Oct 2016 21

A federal judge in Georgia has made a strong statement supporting the role of citizen jurors in punishing corporations for reckless misconduct that injures consumers.

Document Destruction Leads to Significant Verdict Against Hankook Tires

Sep 2016 12

An Arkansas jury recently returned a substantial verdict in a case against tire manufacturer Hankook. A 76 year-old man suffered a fractured leg and hip in a truck crash that was caused by a loss of control that occurred when the tread on the right front…